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Fresh Daily & Handmade

Every day around thirty fresh cake and torte creations baked with our own recipes await you in our shop. Made by hand in our bakery, the selection delights with creative and delicious variety from numerous cultures that you can enjoy in our café or take with you. We also always have to-go cakes in various sizes available for you – for instance, our birthday cakes for women, men and children of all ages make the perfect last-minute gift! Our assortment changes daily. Below we’ve put together a selection for you to peruse.

Sheet Cakes

Our sheet cakes reach the counter still warm from the oven every morning. We usually always have at least five or six different types available every day. The flavors vary according to the seasons, so you can enjoy our delicious apple or plum cakes in autumn, strawberry in spring, and raspberry or blueberries in summer. Delicious!


Do you want a tiny cake to take to work or the park? Our cupcakes are always fresh and come with a variety of fillings and decorations – naturally all made by hand and baked to our own recipes.

Cakes with Fruits

If you love fruit, then may we recommend our cakes and tortes with all sorts of fruits. One of many popular items is our strawberry torte, but there are many other exotic and more classic variations awaiting you. From a mixed fruit torte, papaya, persimmon, or even a rice pudding torte – bon appétit!


Our buttercream and whipped-cream tortes are very popular. Baked to our own recipes, you will find more traditional and also more experimental creations in our cake assortment, including our Black Forest cake with cherry filling, chocolate mousse with the finest bittersweet chocolate, nougat torte or our Gold Marie (chocolate & sour cherries coated with gold).


Tarts are one of the classic French baked goods, with a relatively low rim and a shortcrust pastry base. You’ll often see the word “Tarte” used in Germany to describe these sorts of pastries. Whether flat or more ostentatious, we always have a selection of tarts available, including for instance our chocolate-banana tart, the “Parte de Trois” (two types of chocolate with a raspberry purée), a Tyrolean apple tart or panna cotta.

Also in the Mix

Along with the abovementioned selections of cakes and tortes, we also always have small and large to-go cakes (diameter starting at 18 cm) available that you can take with you immediately – for instance our birthday cakes for women, men and children. There are also fresh croissants, cheesecakes, meringues, cream puffs, homemade biscuits, fruit spreads, macaroons, more savory alternatives including muffins (bacon/cheese) and quiche and much, much more. Stop by and enjoy!

Cake Design

Customized cakes? No problem! We can design your cake to match the style, batter and filling you desire. Find out more!

Cake Design


We bake exclusively using our own recipes and pay attention to every last detail. Take a look behind the scenes!